Photo taken during ecosystem services assessment in Eurasia

Our tools support multiple aspects of your decision-making process.


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We offer decision-support and analysis.

We measure change in ecosystem performance at a project scale. We advise our clients on site selection, project planning and site design processes by providing quantified values related to the potential impacts and/or benefits of each alternative. Our approach works well in multiple contexts and is equally applicable to development and restoration activities.

•  corporate risk management

•  land use planning

•  project site selection

•  alternatives analyses

•  regulatory compliance

•  conservation or restoration investment analyses

•  performance monitoring during and after construction

•  urban ecosystem services and community resilience

Using site-specific data collected by our field team, we establish baseline conditions and anticipated future conditions for specific activities. We then analyze the difference between quantified baseline scores and anticipated future condition scores to develop an understanding of the expected impact or benefit resulting from the activities.

Based on your needs and the priorities of your stakeholders, we’ll help you develop approaches to avoid, minimize, or offset specific impacts in a manner that helps protect, and even improves, community and landscape resilience.