Photo taken during ecosystem services assessment in Eurasia

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What is the ESII Tool?

The benefits that nature provides to both people and organizations are often overlooked in organizational decisions. The Ecosystem Services Identification & Inventory (ESII) Tool is designed for decision makers who need to rapidly assess the value of nature to a business or community.  Developed by The Nature Conservancy, The Dow Chemical Company, and EcoMetrix Solutions Group, the ESII Tool enables businesses, municipalities and other organizations to identify and estimate values for the benefits provided by nature. Designed to enable just such quick, inexpensive analyses, the ESII Tool fills an important gap between simple tools built upon limited scientific information and complex tools that require expert users.

The ESII Tool has two components: a web-based Project Workspace for site preparation and reporting, and an iPad app for site-based data collection. For more information, visit the ESII Tool website.