Photo taken during ecosystem services assessment in Eurasia

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What is EScan?

EScan is an ecosystem services screening tool that provides information on the impact of project activities to ecosystem services. Designed around a “no net loss” of ecosystem services threshold, ESCAN links types of activities to ecosystem function and service impacts, and facilitates a range of uses including issue identification and prioritization, preliminary site selection, and preliminary support for site design. With only minimal data requirements, EScan can identify the need for, and help focus, more detailed analysis while also capturing data uncertainty that can inform risk management.

How does it work?

An Applicant answers a series of questions related to the project using remote sensing information, a list of project activities, and site concept plan that identifies the activity areas overlain on a site map. A Reviewer reviews the Applicant responses and contributes additional project information. EScan combines and analyzes this information and produces ecosystem services screening scores, allowing the Reviewer to see how the ecosystem services impacted should be prioritized, and the degree of follow up required.

EScan accomplishes this through three main components:

Application Section. This is a series of questions for the Applicant related to relevant activities that are planned for an area with specific landscape features (physical attributes such as herbaceous ground cover, shrub cover, or tree cover, for example).

Linked Databases. This is a set of databases that link activities to attributes to ecosystem function to ecosystem service.

Reviewer Section. This is a section for the Reviewer related to the project’s ability to achieve no net loss, the level of confidence in the impact determination, additional analysis needs, and additional impact reduction and/or offset strategies that should be considered.

Click here for presentation on EScan.