Photo taken during ecosystem services assessment in Eurasia

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What is EcoMetrix?

Our team’s original creation, EcoMetrix, set the standard for our ongoing decision support system development work. Throughout the development process, we balance ease-of-use with scientific robustness, making our metrics intuitive to use yet powerful enough to provide certainty in regulatory and policy contexts. In 2011, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology issued Report to the President – Sustaining Environmental Capital: Protecting Society and the Economy, which identifies EcoMetrix as an “exemplar software tool for biodiversity and ecosystem decisions.”

Read about the EcoMetrix Method here.

Tool Outputs

We work with our clients to select a set of outputs that are suitable for the audience and the type of information being analyzed and conveyed.  Three example formats for outputs include:

  • Heat maps are an effective way of showing performance or change in performance in a spatial manner
  • Tables or scorecards provide detailed quantification information on the actual change in functional performance and service hectares between various project design alternatives
  • Bar graphs can be a user friendly way to convey performance or change in performance for baseline and anticipated future conditions

Click here to see examples of these example formats.